slo- pro- ana

pomen tega foruma je spodbuda in druženje oz. tekmovanje vseh bulimičnih, anorexsičnih in kompulzivnih prenajedcev...

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games for us

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1 games for us on Pon Mar 09, 2009 8:44 am

Evo tole temo sm odprla da bi si zadale kak cilj glede teže Wink
všeč bi mi bilo NPR. da si zadamo cilj v 2 tednih zgubit določeno št. kg ane pa da si tle vsakodnevno poročamo o uspehu Cool lahko tudi pišemo koliko pojemo in kako sproti izgubljamo kg Twisted Evil

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2 Re: games for us on Pon Mar 09, 2009 10:09 am

Jz sm za!! Cool

Lets go for it! Smile bounce cheers

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3 Re: games for us on Pon Mar 09, 2009 10:28 am

cheers [u]OK mislim da bo tudi najina kolegica za Smile samo pogledat mora na forum Cool
Kak si bomo zadale glede KG?pa glede datuma?

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4 Re: games for us on Tor Mar 10, 2009 4:15 am

mala super si se spomnla.... Laughing
ja jst predlagam v tem ritmu...

najvišja teža:55 kg ( v celem življenju)
trenutna teža: 54 kg
1 cilj: 50 kg

postavimo si realne cilje in ko jih dosežemo si jih znižujemo... odločitev vsake posameznice do kje...

vsak dan sproti tudi napišemo kaj smo pojedle in lahko se med sabo vprašamo po kcal če slučajno za kakšno živilo ne bi vedele... napišimo tudi koliko smo telovadle in pa kako se počutimo....

bodimo si v oporo, ker bomo vse 3 tako lažje prišle do cilja... lepo da si se tega spomnila, ker šele zdaj bomo zares postale prave prijateljice...

hvala mala I love you in tudi tebi wannabe nobody I love you

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5 Re: games for us on Tor Mar 10, 2009 7:59 am

Ja super ane Twisted Evil

No js sm danes OK zjutraj sm naredla 100 x poskokov, pač neka vaja nevem kak nj razložim hehe Very Happy Pa zdaj popovdan 100 in 50 trebušnjakov ki jih bom tudi pol zvečer Wink

Jedla sm v šoli makovko z sirom pa z margarino pa zdaj za kosilo en jogurt Neutral
Za večerjo pamislim da nebom nič bounce

Zdaj imam 66, 7 kg
Do 20.3. hočem da moje kg ne presegajo 63 kg.
Trudla se bom in vem da mi bo uspelo če bom imela dovolj močno voljo.
Pa seveda vaju da me motivirata cheers cheers

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6 Re: games for us on Tor Mar 10, 2009 8:17 am

no jst sm pa dns pojedla jabolko-55 kcal.
hodila sem 5 km za kar porabim 1050 kcal.... zvečer bom delala še vaje za noge in trebušnjake- zdj kle pa ne vem koliko kcal porabim.... če vesta vi2 mi povejta....

hvala.... luw ya... stay strong

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7 Re: games for us on Sre Mar 11, 2009 4:58 am

no punci danes sm pojedla 2 palačinki- 52 kcal in popila capuccino- 130 kcal... vsega skupaj 182 kcal... kar že skoraj presega moje norme Crying or Very sad

hodila sem 5 km in zvečer bom po reguli telovadila še 2 uri... tako da mislim da bi morala vse spraviti stran...
če bom slučajno podlegla in pojedla še kaj vama napišem ampak resnično upam da ne No

včeraj je bil dober dan in sem pojedla samo eno jabolko... upam da za danes lahko trdim da ne bom več.... silent

kako gre vama? Suspect

se poslavlam v upanju, da nam uspe... stay strong- think thin!!!!!! I love you

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8 Re: games for us on Sre Mar 11, 2009 6:40 am

No jz sem danes spila jogurt Smile to je pa tud vse.

Naredla sem 100 poskokov in 50trebušnakov zdaj grem še malo telovadit pa vode pit in sem fuuuul vesela če bom danes ostala pri enem jogurtu Twisted Evil

Drugače pa se danes prvič počutim tko izčrpano pa brez energije Neutral

Se slišmo

Luuw ya cat I love you

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9 Re: games for us on Čet Mar 12, 2009 5:19 am

You Know You're Ana When...

# you've ripped off your clothes compulsively for the sole purpose of getting the "accurate" weight 3 times a day (as a minimum here *grin*)
# you have to schedule times with different friends so your excuse of "I already ate" will fly
# caffeine...need I say more?
# you're on more "supplements" than Mark McGuire
# you plan strategic "eating" times so that people will think you are constantly stuffing your face
# you fill a carriage of food at the grocery store and put it all back, leaving wtih nothing.
# you spend 20 bucks on a meal and don't put any of it in your mouth.
# during trivial pursuit, you know all the food questions, like which has more calories, spinich or tomato juice? (spinich is right)
# you know the calorie content of almost ANYTHING
# you can write your own calorie counter book/website.
# you can never find a watch that stays on right.
# you automatically count calories as soon as you take a bite of something. ("One cracker is 12 calories, and this bite was about half. 6 calories so far...")
# going to a doctor means drinking a gallon of water and stashing all your change in your pockets and socks.. just in case he/she wants to weigh you.
# you can't put your arms by your side because you have so much padding on
# bracelets that fit most people fall of your hand
# Everyone in the room is sweating in a tank top, and your freezing in a sweater
# You CANNOT drink a soda that's not diet under any circumstances
# You're suspicious of the amount of calories the package says (120 that can't be right, better add 10 more)
# You can remember the amount of calories you ate 5 days ago, but you can't remember where you put your car keys.
# You know the calorie content of more foods than a nutritionist
# You may have done some tendon/ligament damage to your knee (and also have a sprained/hairline fractured foot) but that doesn't stop you from doing your twice daily gym visits.
# when you wake up in the middle of the night (or a few times) and have to measure yourself several times to make sure you haven't gained anything before you can go back to sleep.
# when you have to do these measurements several times a day as well.
# you spend more than an hour in a grocery store on more than one occasion
# your mom refuses to go grocery shopping with you
# you think 30 calories is alot for a drink
# you're mortally afraid of poptarts and whole milk
# when you think who needs friends with all these voices in your head
# when you wake up in a cold sweat because you dreamt that you ate something horrific and cant rest until you weigh yourself
# when you dont mind doing chores, because hey its all calory burning
# when you cower in the corner petrified because someone offered you the spoon and they cant understand because no-one has turned them down before, but no matter how hard you try - it will never touch your lips
# when you would rather have bamboo sticks shoved under your finger nails then feel fat... every single day of the week.
# When you think that 100 calories for one meal is to much
# When you leave your grocery cart in the middle of the aisle because it has to much food in it (a box of saltines, diet sobe, and a bag of wow potato chips)
# you can't sleep at night because your worried that rice cake is gonna make you fatter if you sleep
# when you buy a new mattress with an inch of padding, put a foam pad under your sheets, and still feel pain from the bones sticking out
# when you walk a mile each way too and from school, then go for a run, then bike another 3 miles, in the middle of december in the upper midwest (read: cold as hell)
# You drink enough water to flood a small country
# when you wake up scared as hell because you just had a very realistic dream about eating.
# your cabinet doors are starting to get a better work out then you are. any food yet. nope nothing I can eat. any food yet. how about now....
# when you have perfected making the smallest amount of food look huge.
# who needs a museum? you'd get the vending machine downstairs
# your roommate gets pissed because you keep opening (and closing) the fridge door
# the pants you worn in seventh grade fall off
# you convince everyone around you that you're either vegan, vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, or diabetic. Bonus point if you convince them you are all of the above
# when you think a shower is just so much more appealing then a bath.
# you intentionally buy clothes that are a size smaller then what you currently are.
# when you intentionally park the car in the furtherest parking bay just so you can walk further.
# when you put your dumbbells/extra books in your ruksack so its heavier because you figure the more cals burned the better.
# when you have to talk to yourself to find out if you can eat, only to end up with an upgrade to only having a glass of water.
# Your diet pills are your daily supply of vitamins.
# You sleep with a pillow between your knees, under your butt, etc, etc, etc...
# You have more cookbooks than your local bookstore.
# You relish the feeling of hunger because you know that you are doing something right.
# you tell yourself that those "hunger pangs" are just a stomach ache from eating too much and hour/day/week ago.
# you go to the doctor for a weigh-in and blood work (being terrified of needles mind you!) and all you can think about is you weigh too much but not enough for doctors to like and you didn't have time to water-load and...(ect.)
# you get depressed if you can't go to your online ED-forums.
# when you weigh yourself whenever you can hoping to see even a quarter of a pound dropped.
# when you've noticed that you've gained a pound and start exercising mad-style as soon as you get off the scale.
# when you have to shop for your clothes in the children's section.
# when you're wearing thermal underwear in the summer.
# when you check vitamin bottles for calories.
# when your thighs don't touch together when you're walking.
# when you see pictures of starving people and become jealous.
# when you find out toothpaste has 15 calories in it and dont brush your teeth for 4 days straight than remember you dont actually swallow the toothpaste
# when you worry if your laxatives have calories
# when you worry for days about the party youre gonna have in school and how you can avoid looking stupid by not eating, but cant eat because than youll get fat
# when you over lap your fingers around your wrist numerous times a day
# smoke more because it burns calories
# you worry about kissing your boyfriend because you might consume some calories from anything he's had that day
# if your butt hurts from sitting on the floor and your bones sticking out-- you think it's because all your FAT has put to much weight on it
# you worry about putting on flavored lip gloss because nothing that good and with flavor can have 0 calories
# uncontrollable shaking from not eating is a good sign that you've been "good"
# your mood depends on if you've eaten that day or not
# you walk into a room and feel like everyone is looking at you and noticing that pound you gained
# you wake up in the middle of the night with a sudden urge to do your crunches because that dream you just had about food was way too real
# when you search for a parking space as far AWAY from the entrance as possible to burn more calories
# when youre convinced that just reading about the foods in a calorie book will make you fatter
# when you take your pulse every 10 minutes, just to check
# when you think the calories from other peoples food will somehow become airborne, and youll inhale them, so you dont go out with anyone if theyre eating
# when you count the calories in anything anyone else is eating
# you watch food comercials obsessively, like some people watch horror movies
# when you seriously contemplate (even if only for a second) taking a razor and carving the fat off your body in a twisted version of at-home liposuction
# when you measure whether you're too heavy or not by if the stairs creak as you go up them (even though the house is over 100 years old) and determine you're a lardass everytime.
# when you fix food for someone and you wash you hands immediatly because your afraid that you'll absorb calories thru your skin by just touching it.
# when there is no safe food
# if you had no money whatsoever, you'd be willing to beg, borrow & steal to get your diet pills
# You make sure that work scehdules you during your family's mealtime so you won't have to make excuses. If you do eat with must eat nothing else the entire day in preperation for a 'normal' meal.
# You practice weighing yourself at different angles just to make sure that you can't get a smaller weight, believe the heaviest.
# You spend 20 minutes at the grocery store debating rather or not the 15 calories extra for fat free cocoa with marshmallows is worth it.
# You avoid and eventually lose your friends because they might want to go out for pizza or something equally evil.
# The meals you do eat are consumed in front of friends and/or family so they'll think you're eating...spend an excessive amount of time preparing a 60 calorie meal to make it seem like more.
# When you finally do eat something with a substantial amount of comes right back up or goes right through you.
# Your worth is based on the number the scale flashes at you.
# You're making Christmas cookies for your family, and you're afraid that you'll absorb some calories through inhaling the dough, so you go outside and run 2 miles in freezing cold weather.
# Someone asks you if you want something to eat and you say, "No thanks, I ate yesterday," and don't realize that you said anything strange.
# when you have to stop midway through typing a post to rub some warmth back into you rfingers.
# when you sit/walk around the house rubbing the end of your numb nose
# You find yourself doing constant math in your head in order to break down caloric content of things like one sugar free hard candy (approx. 10) or one individual Cheese Nip (approx. 4)
# you know the calorie content of semen (15 cals per "serving" and it's pure protien)
# you look at urself in the mirror every 5 minutes to see if you "miraculously" have gained any weight and to count or admire your ribs......or any new found protruding bones
# You practice weighing yourself at different angles just to make sure that you can't get a smaller weight, believe the heaviest
# you engage in a posting convo about how many calories are in semen
# when presented with the option of finally getting your social security card after months of putting it off or going to the store to buy fat free pringles (which are on sale), you get the pringles just so you can have something fat free to eat the whole day

če se najdeta v teh besedah.... potem je res Very Happy

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10 Re: games for us on Pet Mar 13, 2009 6:56 am

Evo mene.včeraj nisem nič napisala kr sm se zeloooo pregrešila pa mi je bil ful bed.. Crying or Very sad

Danes sem pojedla eno banano
Telovadla sm že tudi
Počutim se pa brez energije pa hrana se mi zlo lušta tko da srčno upam da nebom nič pojedla več silent silent

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11 Re: games for us on Pet Mar 13, 2009 6:59 am

tudi jaz imam danes težave in sem zelooo lačna ampak zeenkrat sem pojedla samo 3 makarone ostalo sem vrgla stran...
danes imam res slab dan in sem lačna za popizdit..
upam da mi bo uspelo da ne bom več jedla.... Rolling Eyes

stay strong....
ej mala kje je wannabe nobody? obupala?

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12 Re: games for us on Pet Mar 13, 2009 8:58 am

Čuj res nevem kje je Neutral
Sploh se nič ne javi bla je pa ful navdušena za to "igro"

No jz sm zdaj malo bolše, ne mislim tolko na hrano pa tudi želodec se mi ne oglaša hehe Laughing Mogoče bom še potem eno jabolko pojedla pa mislim da grem še na sprehod da zgubim nekaj kalorij, drugače pa seveda še vsaj 100 poskokov, 50 trebušnjakov bounce

Pa vooooode velikooooo!

Držim pesti da neboš danes nič več jedla.Sej veš da če boš boš uničla vse za kar si se zdaj tak trudla, vrjamem pa da tega nočeš Twisted Evil

I love you

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13 Re: games for us on Sob Mar 14, 2009 8:39 am

Jz sem danes pojedla 3jabolke..jaaa 3 =/
Telovadla nisem nič edino 150 poskokov zdaj čez eno uro grem tečt pa na sprehod grem tak da bom zgubila kalorije Twisted Evil

Drugače pa se počutim zelo vredu. Malo je manjkalo pa bi se spet ful pregrešila (meso-bedre pečene+mlinci v omaki od mesa) dobro za popizdit in skoraj sem šla jest ampak sem se zadržala!Zdaj sem si tudi eno novo jakno rdečo kupla in sem si kupla za eno številko manjšo da me bo motivirala da hujšam Twisted Evil Exclamation

Kak pa gre vam?oz. tebi? Very Happy
I love you

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14 Re: games for us on Ned Mar 15, 2009 6:58 am

mala ne morem ti povedati kako zelo ponosna sem nate Very Happy
bravo na dobri poti si da postaneš pravi vzor vsem puncam, ki še niso suhe ampak se trudijo da bi bile.... clown

Res sem ponosna nate... Tudi meni gre dobro- zgubila sem 3 kg Very Happy

Jem pa po večini samo jabolke... Tako da se mi že skoraj ne splača pisati sak dan.. pogledam pa le če ste mi vi moje prijateljice kaj pisale...

veš kaj sm pomisnla mogoče so jo pa starši dobili? Evil or Very Mad

veš kaj sem te hotela vprašati: kliko si ti stara? Razz

saj že sama veš- nimam ti več kaj drugega povedati kot to da sem zeloooooo ponosna nate in think thin... stay strong.... lol!

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15 Re: games for us on Ned Mar 15, 2009 5:18 pm

waaaw kira luškana sliiikca cat

to mi ful velik pomeni da mi reče nekdo da je ponosen name tongue
drugače pa bom 19stara What a Face
js se res ful trudim čeprav sm se zmes pregrešila res upam da bom do koneca marca imela vsaj še 3kg majn bounce cheers

res si mi vlka opora in podpora zto upam da bom prvič odkar se zavedam ane lahko šla v kopalke v postavci ki jo reeees hočem in da bom brez sramu hodla po plažia cheers

zdj grem pa še 50 trebušnjakov nardit pol pa ajat Sleep

raada mam I love you

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16 Re: games for us on Pon Mar 16, 2009 11:04 am

res upam da ti bo uspelo in veš da ti stojim ob strani Very Happy

no danes sem imela same težave in sem se nažirala neverjetno- meso in kruh, zrezek in pire krompir, kruh in belo kavo- ta veliko skodelico z veliko sladkorja Sad in šmoren...

ne bom seštevala kalorij vem pa da bom mogla telovadit kot nora... Jutri grem na vodo... držte zame Twisted Evil

tako sem slabe volje ker sem si to naredila ampak točno vem zakaj... Sad

think thin... stay strong... silent

aja lahko ti še predlagam nekaj pesmi ki naj bi govorile o nas in naj bi bile za nas Smile

luw ya baby I love you

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17 Re: games for us on Pon Mar 16, 2009 11:38 am

no pa da se vm prdružm...nina lepa slikca heh supr si(če si to ti)Smile ja tut men gre ful slabo tok sm jezna nase k sm jedla čokolodo Crying or Very sad ampak nm bo uspel Twisted Evil sam potrudt se mormo in bit močni Very Happy js sm začela s kivijem pol pa nč doklr se nism nažrla z usm mogočim Crying or Very sad ne obupite in si skos u mislih ponaulite da če boste jedl ne btew nikol zadovolni s sami sabo in boste samo slabe volje pomislte kok boste mogl telovadt da bote use pokurl
potrudte se...držim pesti za use Smile

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18 Re: games for us on Pon Mar 16, 2009 2:08 pm

OMG jz sem se tud fuul pregrešila.ful sem jezna pa žalostna Crying or Very sad
Jedla sem juho, spila kapučino pol pa še pol tavelike milke sam pol me je začelo šraufat in sm to spravla ven hehe..sej se ve kako ane Very Happy

Zdj grem še malo telovadit kr se bojim da me bo kej mantralo,za jutri mam pa plan pojesti eno jabolko in biti na vodi!Upam da mi uspe Cool

Luuw ya all I love you Like a Star @ heaven

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19 Re: games for us on Tor Mar 17, 2009 8:26 am

lubike najprej en nasvet kar se bruhanja tiče- čim več vode da pride lažji ven in nikar si ne rinte prstov v grlo ker bote mele russelov znak- na okončinah od prstov boste imele vse zdrgnjeno zaradi zob. Raje "pumpajte"-stiskajte želodec ali pa z zobno krtačko- njej se ne bo poznalo. Po bruhanju pa v vodo dajte žličko sode bikarbone in si splaknite usta nikar pa si ne umivajte zob ker si s tem uničujete zobno sklenino in vama bodo začeli zobje propadat.. Twisted Evil

no danes gre meni dobro in zaenkrat nisem pojedla še nič Very Happy

upam da gre vama v redu.... Razz

stay strong... think thin.... bounce

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20 Re: games for us on Sre Mar 18, 2009 8:56 am

Evo mene vglaunm.ja učeri sm pojedla 4jabolke in pa eno čokoladico malo Neutral
Sem pa ful velik hodla sem in tja kar nekaj urc, ker sm bla v šopingu tko da.....

Danes sem pojedla eno jabolko in pa hrenovko in kos kruha No
Žal mi je za hrenovko in kruh zato zdaj ful telovadim Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

Aja mam eno vprašanje.Zdaj ko delam poskoke ane.pri 50 mi se začne želodec ful čudno oglašati tko nevem no.ful čudno pa me zanima zakaj je tak?al je to sam zato ker nima v sebi skoraj nič al kaj?hehe Laughing bounce

Vem da mi nebo uspelo do 20. spraviti na 63kg ampak že lahko opazim kar precejšno razliko Very Happy mi je tud že ena oseba potrdila da vidi neko spremembo glede mojega telesa hihi.waaa ful sm vesela Very Happy

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21 Re: games for us on Sre Mar 18, 2009 1:35 pm

Evo še jst dodajam:
trenutna teža: 48kg
cilj1: 45kg
cilj2: 43kg

Food is like a drug. It makes you feel good for a few moments but afterwards things are worse than they were before. JUST SAY NO!

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22 Re: games for us on Sre Mar 18, 2009 2:05 pm

verjetno zato ker al si lačna- saj veš kako ti "kruli" in kakšen imaš občutek če si lačna Embarassed al pa lahko da zaradi tega ker ješ jabolke, ki gnijejo v telesu in dkler ne greš na wc odvajat blato te jabolka vrejo v tebi....

Zdaj več kot to ti ne morem odgovorit.... drugače pa si vseeno pojedla pod 500 kcal in to je že zmaga Laughing
ne sekiraj se počasi... saj boš prišla do tja Twisted Evil

stay strong... think thin... Like a Star @ heaven I love you

baby luw ya in ne pozab da ti zares stojim ob strani.... Like a Star @ heaven I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you

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23 Re: games for us on Čet Mar 19, 2009 12:57 am

ooo fuuj tole je pa ful ugabno za slišat <gnije> silent cyclops
ja vem da je že to cilj ampak res komaj čakam do konca marca da vidim kak sem z kilogrami Smile Ker že zdaj sem zgubila nekaj kg pa tudi potreba po hrani se mi manjša.

Nočem biti neka bajsika ko ji na usaki strani špeh dol visi silent silent
ugabno uglaunem Exclamation

Sem pa ful vesela da mamo novo članico Very Happy
welcome beiib Like a Star @ heaven

niiinć huaala Like a Star @ heaven I love you
sj mormo skupaj držat.kdo bo pa gledal debele punce?NOBEEEEN

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24 Re: games for us on Čet Mar 19, 2009 8:24 am

Evo dones sm popila eno kavico, prele pa še kos kruha (pa ubistvu nism hotla). Skupaj je to okoli 150cal. (nevem točno, ampak vedno zaokrožujem navzgor za vsak slučaj). Ubistvu sm ful zmatrana, tko da grem spat, pol pa mal trebušnjakov delat, pa sklec Very Happy

Stehtala se bom v soboto, da vidm kolko sm kaj izgubila. Vam poročam. Very Happy

Lard body or hard body, it's your choice!

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25 Re: games for us on Čet Mar 19, 2009 3:13 pm

danes sem zdržala na sami vodi Very Happy
tako da pojedla nism nč Razz
telovadla sem 3 ure pa še tekla sem uro in pol Twisted Evil

danes sem imela res dober dan in upam da bo jutri moja tehtnica pokazala kaj manj kg Cool

res sm veseeeelllaaaa... uffff že tako dolgo se nism počutila tako lahko Smile

upam da gre tudi vam- drugače pa kavica je 0 kcal brez sladkorja, vsaka žlica sladkorja ima 30 kcal in kos kruha- belega je 60 kcal... Twisted Evil

mislim pa da ne sladkaš kave Question vsaj upam da je ne Evil or Very Mad

stay strong... think thin...

luw ya all I love you I love you I love you

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